About This Author

Dave Sanders is a 30-something father of three who is incredibly lucky to have lived during these times. He's a software developer who somehow worked his way up the ranks and into that dreaded middle management. Seeing the error of his ways, he walked away from career advancement to start his own business, Open Innovation Software LLC. At the same time he figured he'd march his family 600 miles away from Washington D.C., back home to Fort Wayne Indiana near where he grew up.

Dave spent a lot of time working for USWeb and other web consultancies back during "the bubble." That made him a bit of a cynic about things, but he's starting to open up again.

He now has a newfound love for invention and for practical science. Looking forward, this might just be the beginning of a huge technological revolution, bringing forth marvels and wonders the likes of which we've never seen.

Unless we kill ourselves first.